Bib #45 – #46: Balanced Athlete Half Marathon; Wittle Waddle Half Marathon

A series of small, friendly races around metro Seattle during Thanksgiving week are big on smiles and low on fan-fair. In one, the Balanced Athlete Half Marathon, participants are few enough to gather inside the Renton, Washington running store before the race, where they sip coffee and hot chocolate; and after the race, where they eat homemade cupcakes.

Bib 47-2 (November)

The post-race carb load at the Balanced Athlete Half Marathon in Renton, Washington on November 19.

The other, the Wattle Waddle marathon and Wittle Waddle Half on Thanksgiving Day, marks the first of four races known as the Seattle Quadzuki (4 halfs in 4 days), and Quadzilla (4 marathons in 4 days). Despite that feat of aerobic strength and mental fortitude (particularly in what is notoriously a terribly wet and cold race weekend in Seattle), racers and organizers remain in good spirits.

Races 46 and 47 complete. Bring on the home stretch.


Post Wittle Waddle Half Marathon. Thankful for my race swag.

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