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A series of small, friendly races around metro Seattle during Thanksgiving week are big on smiles and low on fan-fair. In one, the Balanced Athlete Half Marathon, participants are few enough to gather inside the Renton, Washington running store before the race, where they sip coffee and hot chocolate; and after the race, where they eat homemade cupcakes. The other, the Wattle Waddle marathon and Wittle Waddle Half on Thanksgiving Day, marks… Read More

I remember learning about Rosa Parks as a child. A simplistic story of a black woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger, and it started a civil rights movement. As a child, I thought it was a story about a moment of strength. It was not until I got older that I learned the full story. That Rosa Parks got in physical fights as… Read More

Anyone that knows me suspected this would happen. That I would not only meet my quest of running 40 races in 2017 for my 40th birthday, but that, upon doing so, I was unlikely to take a rest. In fact, as I approached 40 races on October 22, there seemed only one real answer to the question, what’s next? That answer is 52. Race 41 was at Cougar Mountain in Newcastle, Washington,… Read More