Welcome to 40 bibs!

The anticipation of the best experience ever. That’s what it feels like to stand at the start line of a race. Sometimes the anticipation is tranquil; like the the sun rising over the horizon. Other times it’s electric and, for a moment, you think you can actually see lighting pinging among the sea of competitors.

This year I will run 40 races to celebrate my 40th birthday, and I will support 40 other racers in stepping up to a start line of their own. My journey, and theirs, will be chronicled through this blog. I hope you’ll join me!

See you at the finish line.

6 Comments on “Welcome to 40 bibs!

  1. Awesome way to celebrate for me it was 56 and I did it by doing the dopey challenge in Disney Florida. This year it’s run the year with an ultra in there somewhere. Have fun with it and have a great year.


  2. That is awesome! It’s always fun and inspiring to have a goal to run for. I ran my first 5K ( again after not running for 18 years ) for my daughter’s high school graduation , my first 1/2 for my 40th, and my first marathon for her college graduation. This year I’ll be 44 ( I’m thinking 4 marathons in 4 different states … I have DC , MI & Chicago already registered just need to get a 4th 🤗 ) . Running has made me feel young again, I feel younger now then I did before I started running 7 years ago. It’s a wonderful thing you are doing, if you can help just one person get the motivation to get up and run it can change their life!


    • Thank you so much for the kind words Krista. Best wishes on your 4-by-4 in 2017 – I PR’d at Chicago this year, so that one definitely has a special place in my heart!


  3. This is such a great and encouraging challenge!! Good luck to you. I wish I could run 40 races in one year… some day maybe! I read about this blog from run the edge and they mentioned a chance to win one of your bibs, but I could not find any info on your blog. Do you have any amplifying information on that? Wishing you the best!!


    • Hello Jessica! Thank you for the kind words. At this stage, folks are simply asking and I am obliging. 🙂 If you have a race picked out, you can send me the info through the “contact” section of the blog. I need the race name (or link), your DOB, address, phone and t-shirt size. Thank you for reaching out, and have a happy and safe new year!


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