Bib #36 – Defiance 50k

I entered Nicole’s house through the garage  at 7:11am, 11 minutes after I’d planned to arrive, but with 19 minutes to spare on our 7:30am departure. Plenty of time, I knew, to use her bathroom; I’d change into my running sneakers on the way to Defiance Point, ten minutes away. 

The sun rises, casting a golden light on Defiance Point in Tacoma, Washington.

As I pinned my bib onto my right thigh, I watched Nicole roll her calves on an acupressure ball. On the couch, Nicole’s friend Jessie appeared completely ready for this, her first 50k.

I am calm to the point of near disorganization on my penultimate race weekend. Races #37-40 will come over three days at next weekend’s Runner’s World Grand Slam in Bethelehem, Pennsylvania. 

Nicole snaps a photo of Jessie and I from behind. I carry out my duties as Pacer In Chief; Nicole plays paparazzi.

To get here, I’ve completed 5 ultra-marathons, including the Defiance 50k: 3 50ks, 1 100k and 1 81 miler. Along with 7 full marathons; 3 races between 15 and 20 miles; a dozen half marathons; 7 10 and 15ks, a 10.8 miler, and a lone 5k in January. 

Jessie at mile 26.21, celebrating the moment she’s run farther than ever before.

I imagine this is how a veteran comedian feels. There are still nerves before the curtain goes up, but I know exactly what I’m supposed to do when it does.  

I cross the finish line, and wonder whether this will be my last ultra of 2017. For now, my mind is pointed towards Bethlehem, and towards 37, 38, 39 and 40.

Nicole, Jessie and I at the finish. Next stop, Bethlehem.

2 Comments on “Bib #36 – Defiance 50k

  1. I have enjoyed following your journey since Jan- I hope when you finish you let us know a little bit about how family and work played into this and being so supportive of this journey- congrats on being in the final keg of your journey- I love that you paid for others to do a race- hopefully maybe whomever applies is from the areas hit by hurricanes or forest fires- thank you-


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