Bib #38 – Runner’s World Grand Slam 5k

The 5k is the entry-level distance. The race that gets people off the couch. The race a friend talks you into over a third drink and it seems like a good idea. For those like me who prefer longer distances, the 5k hardly provides time to warm up before it’s over. For others, it’s the perfect distance to push for the entirety.

Bib 38-4 (October 21).jpg

1500 runners gathered at the start of the Runner’s World 5k.

The 27 year old winner of this morning’s Runner’s World Grand Slam 5k crossed the finish line in 15:56. Before the clock ticked to 40:00 minutes, my 70 year old mother also crossed the finish line, first in her age group, my aunt and mother-in-law, just minutes behind her.

Bib 38-5 (October 21)

My mother-in-law and aunt, weary, but pleased with their finish times.

For some, the 5k is a challenge. An occasional reminder they are capable of difficult things; the burning lungs and quads quickly forgotten. And the reward, be it T-shirt or pint glass or medal, is always sweet; made sweeter by family.

Bib 38-3 (October 21)

My mother-in-law, mom and aunt, celebrating their finish.


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