13 More Bibs…

As I write this, there are 10 days left in 2017. When the year is out, I will have exceeded my 40 race goal by 9 races, and supported 27 other runners in races in 14 states and three countries from 5k to 50k. But the goal wasn’t to support 27 runners, it was to support 40. Where to find 13 runners in 10 days?

I hardly remember running before Run the Year. It was around this time in 2014, on the couch of my temporary corporate housing apartment in Seattle, where my husband and I had moved just two months before from Boston, that I stumbled across a tweet announcing that I could “run the year” — 2015 miles in 2015. Having just completed my first three marathons that year and running a total of 1400 miles doing so, the thought of running 2015 was, quite frankly, ludicrous to me.

I signed up immediately.

Hot Chocolate

A Run the Year girl squad preparing for the Hot Chocolate 15k in Seattle in March.

By the time I passed the 2015 mark in December, I’d collected not only miles, but friends and supporters. It sounds silly, but I didn’t expect the latter.

Andy L., Jason, Jennifer, Julie, Sal (my spirit animal), Gary, Andy C., Tony, Taira, Delia, Rob … only a few of the people I’ve come to know over the last three years. Some win races and qualify for Boston; some run ultras; some walk their way to 2000 solo or as a member of four-person team; and some are just dong the best they can do every day. It’s all okay; we all support one another.


Members of Run the Year in the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in Orlando in January.

Everyone should have the gift of these people.

I am honored to partner with Run the Edge / Run the Year to give away 13 scholarships for the 2018 Run the Year program, a number they are going to match, for a total of 26 scholarships. Information about the scholarships, the program and how to nominate someone (including yourself) is available here.

I have just one race left in 2017, the Sporty Diva Last Run of the Year Marathon on December 31. And on January 1, I will begin counting mile 1 toward 2018 in 2018. Join me!


Run the Year members in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for the Runner’s World Festival races.

4 Comments on “13 More Bibs…

  1. What an amazing journey it’s been! So proud of, and inspired by you for being so transparent and finding ways to help other runners and walkers find joy in the journey as well. You’ve been an encouragement to me in many ways. Here’s to the accomplishments and memories of 2017 and to the next chapter in 2018!

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  2. I love the idea of “run the year”! Huge congrats to you for achieving that goal more than once and for planning to do it again in 2018. That’s awesome!

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  3. HI Jenna

    You have inspired and influenced in many ways towards my running goals. Read about you on the phone tool and then further on this blog site no other word then ‘AWSOME’. Recently completed my 1st Ever full Marathon. Wipro chennai held on 3rd Dec 2017. my BIB no was F0747. Planned to complete in 5 hrs however took 5:56:31 still happy as I was able to complete. Chennai humidity and climate did add to it which probably I underestimated.

    Looking forward for your guidance on training long distances. I have noticed my Glutes usually gives up by 30-35 KM. Any guidance will be rally helpful.

    ([email protected]) for Identity purpose

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    • Abhishek – Thank you so much for the kind words, and congratulations on your first marathon. That is an amazing accomplishment! I will send you a note to your email next week. Take care, Jenna

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