Bib #8 – Geoduck Gallop Half Marathon

The Flying Pig. The Heartbreaker Half. The Wattle Waddle. Grandma’s. The Zoom Ya Ya. The Quad Dipsea… Sure, plenty of runners race the “New York City Marathon,” but even more run races with names that have no discernible connection to, well, English sometimes.

The Geoduck Gallop. Pronounced “Gooey Duck,” for the uninitiated. 13.1 miles around the Evergreen State College campus in Olympia, Washington. And home of Speedy, the Geoduck. (Check out my live start line report here!)


Me and Speedy the Geoduck, post-race.

Despite this mascot caricature, geoducks look less like adorable snails, and more like radioactive phallic clams. Or something.  The Geoduck is the world’s largest burrowing clam (fun fact), and is named after the native Lushootseed tribe’s word for “dig deep,” a feature that made it attractive to administrators when searching for a mascot, according to the Evergreen State website.

It is a symbol of the essence of the college: accessible to all who are willing to dig deep. – Evergreen State College website

Kind of like a race bib.

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