Featured Runner – Stephanie – Frost or Fog 10-Miler

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share the experiences of others running “with me” virtually on my quest to complete 40 races in 2017 for my 40th birthday. One of those amazing runners is Stephanie who, over the weekend, completed the Frost or Fog 10 mile trail run in Chico, California. Make sure to check out Stephanie’s full race recap at her blog, Run Strong Run!


Stephanie, ready to go at what looks to be a less frosty and more foggy race start.

There are two kinds of distance runs out there – road and trail. And, no disrespect to the road runners (I am proud to be one), but trail running is where the wild things live! So to use a trail run in January to test year-over-year fitness gains says something about how strong and determined Stephanie is.

One of my favorite January races is the Frost or Fog trail run located in Upper Bidwell Park in Chico, California.  It is a fantastic race to help show me my level of fitness at the start of a new calendar year. – Stephanie

Accompanied by her friends, Stephanie took on the hilly, wet course. Check out her YouTube video of the run!

As for the course, it was once again a challenging course for someone who doesn’t run trails very often nor does hill repeats very often.  I looked up our elevation gain and it was only 585 feet.  It definitely did not feel like only 585 feet!  My heart rate topped out at 196 beats per minute! – Stephanie

While she didn’t set a personal record, Stephanie had a great race, as evidenced by the on-trail photos and post-race shenanigans!


Thank you to Stephanie for her fantastic race recap, and for running “with me” for my birthday!




2 Comments on “Featured Runner – Stephanie – Frost or Fog 10-Miler

  1. I just found your blog through Women’s Running! I am enjoying reading it. I am also on my quest to 40 races before 40! Best of luck to you!!!


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