Bib #24 – Magnuson Series 10k

Sharon gets into the car, black technical race t-shirt, leggings and neon Asics, holding her iPhone armband in her hand. She reminds me of a younger version of me, had I been a runner when I was her age.

“Good morning,” she says. Her Indian accent sounds like chimes.

Bib 24-3 (May 27)

Racers enter the final stretch of the 3.1 mile loop course, Mount Rainier towering in the background.

In the drive from the Marriott to Magnuson Park, I point out the University of Washington and Mount Rainier. I describe the race course. She tells me about the 10ks she and her boyfriend run in Bangalore, where she works for Tanya who works for Bindu who works for Nancy who works for me.

It doesn’t occur to me until we near the 1 mile marker that she has no idea how far one mile is, and I explain the 10k course we are running is 6.2 miles long. My explanation is complicated, as this is a 5k-10k-15k loop course with mile markers in bunches of three: 7-4-1; 8-5-2; 9-6-3. We settle on the fact that the 10k is two loops.

We drink water and eat bananas after we cross the finish line, commenting on the unseasonable heat.

“Would you take our picture?” I ask a spectator standing near the finisher banner. “With my phone too?” Sharon asks.

We pose together. Me, on race #24 in my quest to run 40 races this year. And Sharon, in her first trip to the United States. Racing with me was on her “to do.” Not for the first time during this challenge, I am humbled.

Bib 24-1 (May 27)


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