Bib #19 – Deception Pass Half Marathon

The word “glorious” has always had a religious connotation for me, likely the result of many hours spent in Catholic church as a child. As an adult, the concept of “church” has a more liberal definition. (For example, posting a Facebook photo of my husband and I from our seats behind the Mariner’s dugout on Sunday and captioning it, Happy Easter – from our church to yours.) But “glorious” is still reserved for something bigger than myself and those around me.

And trail scenery.

Bib 19 - 8 (April 15)

My shadow, the only blemish on the dunes of West Beach, the race’s start/finish line.

The Deception Pass Marathon & Half was held in Deception Pass State Park, named for the straight separating Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island. The Pass gets more than 2 million visitors a year, despite its remote, northwest Washington location, nearly two hours from Seattle.

Bib 19 - 4 (April 15)

The view from Deception Pass Bridge, a pair of bridges connecting the various islands within the park. Racers crossed the bridge twice.

This is why.

Bib 19 - 5 (April 15)

Temperatures remained in the 50s for the entirety of the race, the only clue that we were in Washington, and not on a tropical island.

The race provided amazing views of just some of over 100,000 feet of saltwater and freshwater coastline from beside, and above the race course.

Bib 19 - 3 (April 15)

With 2900 feet of climb in the half marathon, racers earned their views.

Bib 19 - 7 (April 15)

Racers around the 8 mile mark, still enjoying the views.

Not simply a race, this was a near-religious experience.

Bib 19 - 6 (April 15)

Kayakers emerge from one of the narrow coves, visible just steps from the edge of the running trail.

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